Belize Cave Tubing with Major Tom
Belize Cave Tubing with Major Tom  
Reviews for Tom Jr. and the rest of the team can be found at popular websites such as Cruise Critic and Trip Advisor. Thank you for considering us when choosing a tour guide for Belize.

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  I just returned from HAL cruise. I booked Major Tom for our cave tubing / zip lining tour on Nov. 12th and can't say enough about how great this company is! There were 6 of us in our group and three guides. My son and I were the only ones going zip-lining so the other four in the group went into the caves with two of the guides while Minor Tom (Major's son) waited for us and then took us through the caves. Thomas (the son) is about 20 but very mature and knowledgeable. He was great with my son and made us both feel safe. He says he's been in the caves since he was 3 years old and I didn't doubt his skill or knowledge. He's a lovely young man. I would be proud if my son grew up to be anything like Thomas.

The water was "refreshing" (their words) but not too bad. Lots of mosquitos so don't forget the bug spray. The river was great, a few shallow spots but we could stay in our tubes the whole time. We wore life vests and head lamps so we could see everything. There were a few dark patches but between our head lamps and the guides' flashlight we were comfortable. We also stopped for lunch- a restuarant on the side of the road. Lunch was $6 and consisted of rice (very yummy), beans, fried chicken and salad. Other than the chicken foot in mine (a delicacy to many, just not to me) I enjoyed the lunch. My son still talks about the orange juice. I doubt he'll ever find a juice as delicious as that juice! (There is also a restaurant at the ziplining/cave-tubing spot but I didn't eat there)

We didn't set up a time to meet prior to the day so I was a bit uncertain about how to meet with Major Tom and at what time but Major Tom met us on the dock with a large sign. He speaks excellent english and is a tall, h andsome (!), strong man. We waited for a few more people and then hopped in to a van to be taken the 50 mins to the river. My only issue was the lack of seat belts in the van. I had my son sit in the front seat so he had a belt but the rest of us didn't. Thomas was an excellent and careful driver though.

This is the first time I book a shore excursion privately and I would totally recommend Major Tom. I can't wait to go back to Belize and book another tour through them. Loved this country and loved this tour company!!!

  We just got back from Carnival Legend trip and used Major Tom. He is ALL about safety and was doing it for the last 20 years-long before there were any incidents. I am not a swimmer and don't like closed in spaces but agreed to go with my family. I have to tell you that at NO point during the outing did I feel the slightest bit of fear or being out of control! My guide kept coming up to me, squeezing my shoulder and telling me how great I was doing-asking if I was ok. This was an amazing experience and I would have turned around and gone again in a heartbeat. Major Tom and the Fun Team are AWESOME!!!

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